If You Needed Proof Why We Need National Standards

Posted: November 25, 2011 by cracker666 in Uncategorized
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A bored 10 year old leafing through the paper while waiting for teeball practice to finish spotted these (click for larger image)

Now I know the Express designers are sticklers for spelling and punctuation, so the artwork must have been supplied.  Why then, does it not match the Central Commissariat of the Labour Party’s design standards or fonts?  Is this a rogue operative?  Must be – that Labour logo is so small it may as well not be there.  And the sky in the background makes it incredibly hard to read.

Always get someone who passed school cert English to check your spelling and other bits.  Saves embarrassment in the long run.

  1. Pauline says:

    On a totally different topic Paddy

    Whats your thinking on the rise of the conservatives?

    I see Horizon poll gives them over the 5% threshold and I am also told via grapevine there is a possibility of them getting the Rodney seat !

    No I am not a follower of them but have had my interest in their impute into our politics raised re rise in polls

  2. cracker666 says:

    The Horizon polls have been largely discredited Pauline. I’d be enormously surprised if the Conservatives got 2% of the party vote, even if they have reportedly spent $1m on campaigning in Auckland alone.
    The differences between the Horizon poll and the other five polls on a weighted average are massive.

  3. Albert Whinestein says:

    Shocker.. to be honest I couldn’t get past the weird font – must be the tough working conditons

  4. Pauline says:

    Sorry Paddy your reply sounds like my views that with the conservatives I am a fence sitter a wait and see ..yeah they do remind me of the Bob Jones party in 1984….and if they do get into parliament .. and after the experience with the Winston First party … bottom line policies can be put aside for the bubbles of power

    Ahh well roll on tomorrow night that Paddy is the only poll I truly believe ..

    re other polls there is the argument they do telephone polls with recorded landlines…in 2011 a lot of households etc do not have land lines connection ….so many discredit there results also until perhaps this week the don’t know was not mentioned in the other polls … so with the others polls in consideration of the very old saying lies lies and damm statistics…….hmm

    It was interesting don’t you think that Fairfax poll this week gave 15 % to the undecideds which could be end up being a game breaker for whom wins

  5. Kylie says:

    She had two half page ads in the Bluff Beacon this week. One was identical to that one but WITHOUT the typo’s.
    I’m with Albert on the font, reminds me of the alphabet stencils you have at primary schools.

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