How Hard Can It Be?

Posted: February 24, 2010 by cracker666 in Uncategorized
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"You gonna eat that? I'm still short of my target weight for being clinically obese..."

The Golden Arches in Invercargill has a knack for leaving stuff out of my orders at the drive-through.

I don’t go there often, but when I do, 9 times out of 10 I find that something has been left out.

I have noticed a pattern over the last five years, however.  During the day, when there appear to be more ‘older’ (i.e. over 19) staff members working, this hardly ever occurs.

When the more youthful (i.e. under 19) crew is working the window, you tend to go on a lucky dip ride.

I presented myself with the boys tonight as Mum was at work and frankly I couldn’t think of anything worse than cooking.  The following Customer Service Errors have presented in varying forms more than once, this is tonight’s version with the ‘yoof’ crew.

Customer Service Error #1: Why is there often one voice that does the: ‘Welcome to McDonalds, please place your order’, then, once you start talking, another voice chimes in and says ‘can you repeat that?’  Happens all the time.  Don’t ask me to repeat my order.  For all you know, I might be Michael Douglas’ character in Falling Down.

Customer Service Error #2: When I ask if I can replace the Coke with a milkshake, how about changing the order after you say ‘OK’?

Customer Service Error #3: Having a talking cadaver operating the till isn’t a good look.  Yes, it must be a boring job, but brighten TFU just a wee bit.  I didn’t ask you if I could eat your liver with a nice chianti and some fava beans, did I?

Customer Service Error #4: When I get to the other window, don’t give me a Coke.  Then, when I say I’d asked for a milkshake, don’t say “you weren’t charged for a milkshake”, and don’t turn to your colleague and say “he wants (sigh) a milkshake but he hasn’t paid for it.”  This is one of those situations where the customer is always right.  Just get the milkshake.

On the other hand, we do have a Customer Service Pass.  Only just, but a pass.

After the previous inter-staff discussion about the milkshake, Colleague #2 just went and got one.  Which is a shame, because she was an emo, and if she’d given me gyp about it, I would have made some derogatory comment about My Chemical Romance and razorblades.  But she didn’t.  She looked at me, realized I wasn’t having them on, and got it.  Much to Fatty Boom-baa’s (Colleague #1) chagrin.

I know it’s not the greatest job in the world, but if you are all so upset about working there, go and sponge off your parents or get another job.

Just don’t make the world’s biggest brand look any worse than it already is.

And please – sort your ordering system out.

  1. Andrew says:

    Don’t get me started on this topic LOL, Invercargill McDonalds has to be truly the worst Drive thru i have ever been to.

    After repeatedly getting our order wrong on several trips i managed to get a phone call from the franchise owner who claimed the reasoning was the high turnover of students and young staff members leading to them having an inadequately trained staff.

    Whilst i see her point, most of the errors are laziness and incompetency not training! When i get my quarter pounder and it has NO MEAT it wasnt that the employee wasnt trained to know that a quarter pounder has a meat patty its that your employee is lazy and doesn’t give a damn about their job.

    In addition to this, how is it possible that Burger King manages to get everything right 99% of the time when theoretically they are employing from the same pool of people????

    Oh and if you want a real shock try turning up for a late night feed after 11PM.
    McDonalds Invercargill stops making SOME of its burgers after 11pm and starts serving burgers that aren’t on its menu at all. Don’t ask me which ones cos they dont actually change the display boards, they just tell you once you’ve decided what you want that after 11pm you can’t have what you want cos they make burgers not even on the damn menu! Last time i went i wanted a crispy chicken deluxe i think its called but was told i couldnt have that as it wasnt on the night menu so i asked for a grand angus instead and was told how a bout a double quarter pounder thats on the night menu…..

    It’s a real shame Devil burger tastes like warmed up ass cos this city desperately needs a decent burger joint. Fergburger, we need you in Invercargill.

  2. cracker666 says:

    That is a very good point – drive through at KFC and Burger King never make a cock up in my experience. Fast food joints have distilled a quite complex ordering and making process into a sharp production line – but it’s the old chestnut, the Human Factor, which tends to send things pear-shaped.

  3. Andrew says:

    Yeah but it does still beg the question ‘Why are McDonalds Invercargill staff so extremely incompetent in comparison?’

    As a teenager McDonalds paid better than a supermarket and even burger king so i always wanted to work at mcDonalds but never made the cut… makes you wonder what their requirements are.

    • cracker666 says:

      Perhaps Burger King has an incentive scheme for good customer service. I did note last time I was there that a lot of their staff seem to have enjoyed the odd burger or two…

  4. Andrew says:

    LOL maybe the job at burger king is no better but the employee benefits make for a happier and wide waisted workforce?

  5. If its the same staff and processes inside, and they don’t make mistakes, perhaps its profiteering? I have never been given MORE than I have ordered, and they know what a pain in the rickshaw it is to go back to a drive through….

    I have fixed the problem (in the same way Homer fixes that dashboard warning light) – I just don’t go anymore.

  6. cracker666 says:

    Forgot to mention that I have had mistakes inside too – but as you note, Shane, it’s a lot easier to point out at the counter than when you get home…

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