The pre-schooler student journalists at the Southland Times are too young and too busy learning their ABCs to be able to keep up with history, so here is today’s lesson.

This bloke does this:


This bloke HATES anyone running against him (just ask Suzanne Prentice or Neil Boniface):


So why are these two best buds fighting it out to be Mayor of Invercargill?


Well, here’s the story.  A particular group of politically naive people (yes, we’ll save your identity until a wee bit later, because the backstory is pure quality) has been angling for Tim to become a raving roving ambassador for Invercargill – obviously, a paid ambassador.  Nice work if you can pull it off.

In return, he won’t run for Mayor, but said group needs someone else to support.  Hence the announcement above.

Do your research, pre-school journos.  Always do your research.  Build your networks.  Or just carry on re-writing press releases and/or interviewing family friends.

As for the idea, well, I’ve come to expect wacky things from someone who comes up with gems like this:



Is here.  Read and learn and use.  If you cannot understand it, I believe McDonalds is still hiring.

Donna Kerr Pharmacy is apparently shifting to Windsor, to a site previously owned by the Invercargill City Council.

To make things easy for the new development, the Invercargill City Council has completely ignored its own planning rules in its haste to make a dollar off the old Windsor Hall site.

There should, according to the Operative District Plan, be nine car parks as part of the development.  Silly as this may be, it has been rigorously enforced in the recent past.  Just ask any of the businesses on Bill Richardson Drive.

But for a quick buck on a patch of land previously owned by the Council, our old mate roading manager Rusty Person said:


In other words, we were desperate to flick this off, and so a wee bit of semnatics around the District Plan won’t matter.  I’ll bet it matters to the people who have been forced to put parks in (such as the EAT building developer) and those who have been turned down (a business directly across the road).

It’s another case of ‘do as we say, not as we do.’  You can’t run a Council like that and the Councillors involved in signing this off without doing their own research and reading need to take a good hard look at their involvement.

As for another pharmacy in Windsor, what were they thinking?

OK, it’s been over two months now.  You would think a paper that services an agriculturally-based readership might have done a local angle or at the very least a critical analysis of this by now.

Guess there wasn’t a press release for them to rewrite.

Shit that matters to readers.

Shit that matters to readers.

The Education Act

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Public submissions on updating the Education Act close tomorrow.  Helpfully, for those most affected by potential changes, the consultation period has come over four weeks at a busy time of year for schools.  Not that Hekia cares.  She doesn’t like uppity teachers speaking their minds.

Unfortunately, the discussion document doesn’t call for any advice on the troughers dragging between $1.25 million and $4 million per annum away from teaching and learning at those schools subject to statutory interventions.

Looks like we’ll just have keep pushing for that select committee enquiry….

As To Why We Should Be Glad Beverley Wakem Is Gone.

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The Odd Bits

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Been busy, so just got around to perusing last week’s Kremlin agenda and found these rippers from previous meeting minutes.


By this rationale, all Councillors with a drivers licence will have “potential” conflicts of interest on discussions on roading.  As for the rest of it, in the words of Neddy Seagoon, it’s all rather confusing, really.


While I’m sure Venture Southland would love to clip the ticket on troubled young people, the minutes proofreader should have realised Amy works for Adventure Southland, which is quite different.


So the Government is trying to sell State houses to social housing providers, but Sleepy Kett wants to buy them and burn them down?  Luckily Neil Boniface pointed out a vital fact:


Hopefully with working smoke alarms.